Winter’s Dead Fest opens our All Ages Music Club

Celebrate the opening of Prattsville Art Center’s new All Ages Music Club with our Winter’s Dead Fest February 10, 11, & 12

(All Ages clubs are designed to include audiences under 21, and don’t serve alcohol)

We will be featuring live music by young bands touring the New York Area, most weekends. Music will range from Hip-Hop , Rock, & Pop-Punk to Electronic, Folk, and Funk.



Help Support the Art Center on its 5th Anniversary

The Prattsville Art Center will be celebrating its 5th anniversary in 2017, and we are so incredibly proud and grateful to everyone who has made this place a reality.

Our community: the artists and musicians, the interns, carpenters, volunteers, and advisors, who re-built this flood ruined place and made it theirs.

Our funders and partners, who took a chance on this place before we had heat or electricity

Our generous patrons including Kevin Piccoli, Kerry and Steve St Pierre, Margaret Irwin, and Carolyn Bennett, who enabled us to take our first steps, and folks like Ted Petricini and Sonny Rock who donated a pellet stove and a drum set

We still have a long way to go…

But NOW, with our first online fundraiser, YOU can join these amazing folks by making a contribution to the Art Center HERE:

If all of our Facebook friends shared $2 with us, it would cover our electricity and wi-fi for the year!

For $3 we could afford the heat to stay open 2 extra days each winter – offering a place for Seniors to warm up by the fire, and extra nights for our all ages music club!

If everyone was feeling flush and sent $5, we could cover the costs of our new Annual Summer Music Festival or a summer’s worth of free art, music, and dance classes!  Send $10 and we can do both!!


We know there are a lot of worthy causes out there that deserve your support this year.  Our Director donates her time & we own the building, so our costs are low.  We don’t want to break the bank, but if you have enjoyed our events, exhibitions, classes, or even just our crazy facebook posts, please share something, to help us keep the Art Center free!!



Images from “On Photography” at the Art Center Gallery



On Photography, After Susan

Susan Sontag’s book, On Photography, published in 1977, angered many photographers for its description of an image-soaked world, decades before the internet would channel that stream into the phone in our pocket. Haunted by mortality, photographs, cut into the passing of time; every selfie is a memento mori. As if to refute this unwelcome knowledge, digital images, with their vivaciousness and disposability, repress the sense of nostalgia-before-the-fact which defines the photographic message. The weight of photographs, as Sontag describes them, in meditations often linked with tragedy, is lightened. The vulnerability of the latent image, captured but unprocessed, hardens into certainty.

The exhibition, On Photography collects attempts to resist predictability, unearthing the instability that underlies even the most banal of photographic activities. The exhibition is composed of works that may not read as photographs at all; large photograms made by moonlight, a tabletop covered in dirt removed from a flood site, a cyanotype covered in the history of rituals, faded prints of a woodland religious camp crumbling into a shooting range, a video of indeterminate images. Yet as attempts to trace realities that cannot be fully resolved or known, they speak to to the genuinely elusive function of photography more clearly than more readily decipherable pictures.

Peter Perrone, a close friend of Ms. Sontag was invited to mediate her voice for this project. He has chosen quotations from On Photography and paired them with contemporary stories. In the course of our work, he mentioned that he still dreams about Susan. And perhaps he is not alone. Nearly 40 years after they were written, her observations have become so omnipresent as to seem commonplace; we rely on Freud’s dream language of condensation and displacement keep their implications below the surface.

– Nancy Barton




Jared Handlesman, photograms exposed with moonlight, automobile headlights,  altered with handheld light sources, and photographic chemistry during development




(installation view)


Katherine Bauer, aka Kitty Monteray


The Veil, cyanotype on fabric exposed during sequential performances


Projected Materialization, 16mm projector and mixed media



Elizabeth Hall-Dukin







DIY Art Festival: Aug 13, 14, & 15


2:00  Companion Planting and Drawing in the Prattsville Community Garden

4:00  Opening for On Photography exhibition curated by Nancy Barton with selections from Susan Sontag’s texts by Peter Perrone

plus live performances, portrait painting, and waffles


6:30  Dinner in the Gallery by Ari Ferdman with Puppetry & Costume Lectures

8:00  Interactive Drone and Punk Music Jam with Dan Evanko, Patrick McGuinn, & friends


1 – 2   Restorative Yoga in the Gallery

2:00  DIY Workshops – Make projects using Puppetry, Costumes, Zines, and Computer Art

Pupperty workshop

5:00  Field Trip to Mossy Stone Farm to view Forest Inatallation

7:30  PotLuck Dinner followed by Puppetry Performances, Sound & Video Installations created by workshop participants & NYU Students.


2 – 5 Internal Organs:  video documenting, staging, and puppeteering as a group with Ari Ferdman & Friends

Thanks to the Artists, the Prattsville Community Garden, Greene County Council on the Arts, and NYU Steinhardt Art Department

These projects are made possible in part by public funds from the Decentralization Program of the NYS Council on the Arts, Administered in Greene County by the Greene County Council on the Arts through the Community Arts Grants Fund.

Headin’ for the Hills Music Festival

“Headin’ For The Hills,” a celebration of live rock and roots music, takes place Sunday July 24th, with musicians from the Catskill Mountains and NYC on the Prattsville Town Green from 1pm-6pm.

From 6:30pm to 9 (or 10) pm widen your musical horizons with experimental and electronic music at the Prattsville Art Center – down the block at 14562 Main Street. ***Homers BBQ  and potluck dishes free at both locations!***

Bring a dish to the potluck and join us on the Main Street of a beautiful Catskill Mountain town this Sunday for free music, food, and art.


Free Digital Art Class Schedule – July 2016

Digital  Dialogues                                                                                                       

Workshops in Video, Photography, and Design at the Art Center July & August


Saturday July 2 – Multimedia Workshop: 2-5

Come to the Prattsville Art Center and share your photos, videos, or any other kind of work you produce and learn about our Digital Media Workshops. See our studio space, tools and equipment, class materials, and the things you can learn to do.

Tuesday July 5 – Using Digital Cameras: 2-5     

Learn how to use Digital Cameras to make different styles of photographs. We will look at pictures, take them, and work on edit and export. Exercises in editing colors, and also taking apart images for collages.


Thursday July 7 – Video Editing Workshop:  2-5  

Bring in your own footage, or borrow some of ours and learn to sequence video and audio clips.

Saturday July 9 – Digital Collage: 1-5

Use cameras, scanners, and drawings to sculpt digital images. Bring in our own images, drawings, and things to scan, and we will collage and print in our Workshop Studio.

 Saturday July 9 – Video Art Screenings: 8PM 

 An evening of works in progress in digital video, sound, and photography

 Sunday July 24 – Mini-Music Festival: 4 – 9PM

Music by Evvergreen,  Fruity,  Techne, and Friends on the Prattsville Town Green


Digital Dialogues is funded by  a Barnabas McHenry Hudson River Valley Award to Otto Ohle by

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 11.25.08 PM

A Letter from Artist in Residence, and Digital Art Teacher Otto Ohle

Hello everyone!

This is Otto, I am a young artist who grew up in Greene County and became interested in media arts. For the last few years, I have been making my own documentaries, working at design and web companies in New York, and attending SUNY Purchase in a Digital Media program. I am excited to meet and work with young artists from this region this summer in a series of free classes at the Prattsville Art Center.

During July and August, I am going to host a series of free Digital Media classes titled “Digital Dialogue.” Focusing on Photography, Video, Collage, and Website Creation, each class will offer new skills and ideas in the tools and software used to both create and integrate these digital media. We are planning an exhibition and a local video festival at the end of the summer to show the work we create together.

In our culture we cannot help but read and interpret visual language on a daily basis – we are constantly looking at advertisements, posters, screens, photographs, video, and other design elements. The Art Center classes will examine contemporary internet trends and how they influence pre-existing media forms through studio classes, while also sharing conversations about our own outlook and opinions on what it means to “live” on the Internet.

In my own work I make photographs, videos, websites, documentaries, music, and animations to create conversations on our culture and our relationship to technology. I have experience working in both professional creative settings. Through these classes, I will introduce tools, both physical and digital and we will create projects that allow you to use your own your own voice and experience.

Please stay tuned for a complete schedule and list of classes, and a webpage dedicated to this series of insightful lessons within the next week.

Very Best

Otto Ohle

Coming in August –Advanced Workshops, Performances & Film Festivals