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The Art Center is dedicated to building community resiliency through the arts and fostering new dialogue between rural and urban cultures.  Learn about our work to date, our vision for the coming year and how you can get involved:


Individual contributions are critical to our sustainability – helping us match grant funding and cover our basic operational expenses. We offer out community an opportunity to experience extraordinary art and music presented alongside local artists, as well as computer access and free classes. PAC provides social services in our galleries in partnership with recognized non-profits such as Community Action of Greene County, Alliance for Positive Health, Healthcare Consortium, and Twin Counties Recovery. As one of the only sites for social services on the Mountaintop, we provide services from health care navigation and weatherization to tax preparation and domestic violence assistance in a unique and inspiring context

Donate online via PayPal or Checks may be written to: “Prattsville Art Project” P.O. Box 400, Prattsville, NY 12468-0400. If you send a check, please include your contact information. All donations are tax deductible – and we will send you a receipt for tax purposes.


By becoming a PAC member, you help us cover the basic costs of keeping our doors open, and providing free exhibitions, music events, computer access, and social services to our mountaintop region. Members gain access to unique benefits,  including participation in an annual members’ exhibition and holiday market at the Art Center’s Gallery, opportunities to meet visiting artists and musicians and consult with the Director about project support and  grantwriting, and priority reservations on artist’s residency space rentals.


Click HERE to join via a monthly financial contribution

Click HERE to join via a volunteer work exchange contribution


As part of our commitment to supporting the local economy through creative placemaking, we are partnering with businesses to find innovative ways to collaborate on art-based projects that attract revenue to our community. Business sponsors support specific events or projects through PAC, and receive recognition, prioritized patronage, and opportunities to collaborate on art projects (murals on business facades, sign-making, etc.) in return.

Please contact Nancy Barton@ for more details.

Donated Goods and Volunteer Labor

We are still working to renovate flood-damaged sections of the Art Center property. Please contact us if you are able to help with donations of new or recycled construction supplies, including wood, concrete, hardware, roofing, stone, flooring, insulation, or gravel, or with volunteer services such as carpentry, grading, electrical or plumbing assistance.

All donated goods are tax deductible. Please contact Nancy Barton, Director at, visit Prattsville Art Center during our open hours or contact us by mail at:
P.O. Box 400, Prattsville, NY 12468-0400


The Tom Potter music fund was created by his daughter Phoebe Potter, who created many important programs at the Art Center.  Donations have allow us to bring live music to our community (including an annual festival), and free music classes and lessons for people of all ages. To find out more about the Tom Potter fund please contact Phoebe Potter at or 607-435-1630


To the many organizations and individuals who have contributed to us in the past. None of this would be possible without you.