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All events at PAC are free…from music festivals and exhibitions, classes in digital art, sculpture, painting, and dance, workshops with Artists in Residence, to community meals, social services, and cappuccinos. Your donations make this possible.

To support the Prattsville Art Center and all the community members we touch, make a donation here:

Checks written to “Prattsville Art Project” may be sent to:
P.O. Box 400
Prattsville, NY 12468-0400

If you send a check, please include your contact information.
All donations are tax deductible – we will send you a receipt for tax purposes.

Support the Tom Potter Memorial Music Fund

Tom with his sister Tracy playing the flute on a NYC rooftop in the late 1980s. 

Tom Potter, beloved member of the local community, passed away on March 24, 2017. Throughout his life, he was always inspired by music and the arts, and made it a point to spark that inspiration in his children. He played in bands, worked as a photographer, and loved going to live music shows with his family, including right here at PAC.

The Tom Potter Music Fund has been established in memory of Tom’s legacy, with the intention of supporting local musicians, providing youth with music lessons and other opportunities to express their creativity, and increasing community access to live music. To donate, please click the button below, which links to paypal. PAC and the Potter family greatly appreciate your support.

We are Still Rebuilding – Help us Rebuild the Art Center  through our  Donated Goods Wish List 
All donated goods are tax deductible and can be dropped off at the Prattsville Art Center during our open hours or shipped to:
P.O. Box 400
Prattsville, NY 12468-0400

Construction supplies such as:

  • lumber: 2x4s, roof joists, plywood
  • hammers, screwdrivers, drills
  • outdoor decking screws
  • insulation
  • concrete
  • belt sanders
  • skill saw
  • step stool/ladder, 8 ft ladder, and extension ladder
  • rough sawn and smooth lumber (1×12, 1×6, or other) for library shelving

Residency and Garden Supplies such as:

  • Full Size Mattresses and bedding
  • Plants: hybrid day lillies
  • Big Berkey Water Filter
  • Commercial grade Juicer
  • Shop Vac
  • Books for the new library: Art, Literature, Non-Fiction, Children’s books
  • Books on permaculture, horticulture, natural building
  • Book2: “The Empowerment Manual” and “Truth or Dare” by Starhawk, “The Sixth Extinction: An Unusual History” by Elizabeth Kolbert

What your donations make possible at PAC… 

The Prattsville Arts Center and Residency is an experiment in creative place-making and community resilience.  We bring together members of rural Catskill Mountain communities and contemporary urban artists to create a new model for creativity that highlights the uniquely independent spirit of its participants.

Artists in Residence on Pratt Rock

We began as a grassroots local efforts to overcome the heartbreak and devastation caused by Hurricane Irene.  Seed funding from ArtPlace America and  NY State enabled us to restore a flood damaged historic building on the town’s damaged Main Street. Over five years, we have supported artist residencies, exhibitions, and classes, hosted community music festivals, and so much more.


The Art Center is truly a labor of love, built by the generosity of artists, local residents, and the disaster recovery funds which started the project. Our operational strategy is lean, the Director works without pay, and each  piece of furniture and equipment has been donated to a facility rebuilt by local carpenters and volunteers.


All of our Events are free…from music festivals and exhibitions, classes in digital art, sculpture, painting, and dance, workshops with Artists in Residence, to community meals, social services, and cappuccino. Your donations make this possible. 

Every dollar you give directly impacts the communities we serve by helping us sustain our physical space, sharing new art and ideas, or creating work opportunities that fuel the local economy. We are committed to creating fair wage work opportunities that will allow artists, carpenters, local interns, and other members of the community to actively contribute to creating cultural resources that benefit everyone.

Here are our goals for the coming year that your donation will make possible:

      • Complete the renovation of our historic Art Center space on Main Street, so that we can expand our exhibitions and music events, as well as add new studio facilities and residencies
      • Fund Headed for the Hills, an annual Prattsville Music Festival, which will mix headliners with local musicians and artists in our beautiful mountain valley
      • Provide support for Next Generation Arts, which pairs local artist/teachers and interns, to provide a slate of regular weekly arts, dance, music, and computer, classes – all offered  free to our community
      • Offer stipends for our artists & musicians,  and social services for local communities
      • Begin a community garden that will allow us to provide free healthy food to the community and offer related workshops and learning opportunities
      • Start a community library where we can offer book clubs, tutoring, academic workshops, and civic engagement programming, and other learning opportunities
      •  Renovate the soon-to-be vacant Fire House across the street, to add facilities such as a theater for music and performance events, new digital education facilities, a thrift & vintage store, a seasonal farmstand, and an incubator space for new entrepreneurial businesses.