Music Box on Main Street

Rural Culture + Art & Music = Disaster Recovery

Flood recovery from New Orleans is coming to the rural Catskills courtesy of the artists and musicians who invented musical architecture. We are proud to be the recipients of an National Endowment for the Arts’ Our town Grant to support the Music Box on Main Street in Prattsville, in collaboration with the Government of Greene County.

Music Box Village, New Orleans
Both the city of New Orleans and the rural town of Prattsville, New York were devastated by flooding from Hurricanes Katrina and Irene. Artists and musicians near New Orlean’s 9th Ward came together to help rebuild their community by reinventing a flood damaged building as the site for a series of playable musical buildings, made available to renowned musicians and the local community. The resulting Music Box Village has attracted over 30,000 visitors, stirring hope and imagination, creating opportunities for collaboartion, performances, and jobs for the community, and rekindling hope and joy in the aftermath of destruction.
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Music Box on Main Street will bring the magic of the magic of  musical architecture to the classic small town Main Street of a rural Catskill Mountain Town that was virtually destroyed by Hurricane Irene in 2011.
“New Orleans Airlift is an artist-driven initiative whose mission is to collaborate to inspire wonder, connect communities and foster opportunities through arts education & the creation of experimental public artworks”

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As a collaboration between the Airlift collective, artists, musicians, craftspersons and the rural community of Greene County, NY, the Music Box on Main Street will bring a visionary element to the recovery of this hard hit community, providing artists in residence and visitors with the unique opportunity to live within and among  the musical structures created by Airlift and their team of artists.

 The success of Airlift’s blend of innovative music, artist-designed architecture, and community engagement provides an extraordinary role model for the Prattsville Art Project, and the Music Box on Main Street partnership will allow Airlift to act as consultants to the rural community in Prattsville for the Art Center’s annual Headed for the Hills summer music festival.
Setting up for the Headed for the Hills Music Festival in Prattsville


Airlift’s Music Box in Kiev

The Music Box on Main Street will add the pristinely beautiful mountaintop region of the Northern Catskill mountains to an international community of musical architecture that stretches from the American South to Kiev, Ukrane.


Gem Tactics at the Headed for the Hills Music Festival

Artists and craftspersons from New Orleans and the Catskill Mountains will come together over two summers to  recreate the still flood-damaged sections of the Prattsville Art Center as a uniquely beautiful  work of playable musical architecture

The Prattsville Art Center seen from  Main Street

This new collaborative project between The Prattsville Art Project, the artists of New Orleans Airlift, and Greene County, will embody the link between Rural Culture,  Art, Music, and Disaster Recovery.  Music Box on Main Street will bring a major work of public art, a unique performing arts space, and recover the Art Center’s flood-damaged areas as living musical instruments that can be played by artists, musicians, the community, and visitors.

Flood Damaged structures at the Prattsville Art Center – soon to be transformed into the Music Box on Main Street

Music Box Village, New Orleans

The Music Box on Main Street is sponsored by NEA’s Our Town program

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