Headed For the Hills Music Festival

Starring: SCARLET SAILS & Featuring: Thru Spectrums; Evvergreen; Two Headed Girl; Normal State; Nectar; Foxanne; Rusk Mountain Ramblers; Sunflower; JamForceOne; A Judgmental Swarm of Bees; The JFP; Saucy Pots; Birdthrower; The Babes, Ice Cream Orphan;  Phyllis Ophelia; Shred Flintstone; Dee and the Sunny Saps; Out of System Transfer; Francesca Shanks; Emo; Nick McCracken & Daniel Evanko; Natavi Orian; Elijah Royal; Coping Skills; PooPoo Patrol; Stippling; Cassandra Wildheart; Neglected Sex; Ruckzuck; Bluffs; Glowing Bug; GemTactics; Pendeja; Royal Court Drag Show hosted by Cassanova the King and Kate Milo, Tap & Burleque stars Gin Minsky and Perle Noir

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The  annual Headed for the Hills Festival brings together an exciting mix of musicians from avant-garde to gospel, electronic to burlesque, punk and classical. We bring new and traditional music and diversity of all kinds to this remote and beautiful mountain valley.

Between acts, festival goers can enjoy hiking to the spectacular views and folk-art stone carvings on Pratt Rock,  swimming in the Schoharie Creek, shopping at local farmstands,  visiting craft vendors’ tables and seeing exhibitions at the PAC Galleries.




5:00pm – 11:30pm | @ Prattsville Art Center

Come enjoy powerful solo performers by: Glowing Bug, Bluffs, Cassandra Wildheart, Ice Cream Orphan, Neglected Sex, Elijah Royal, Natavi Orion, Robert Leaver, and the JFP


1:00pm – 5:00pm | @ Prattsville Town Green 

Enjoy the scenery while listening to great outdoor shows by: Francesca Shanks, Dee and the Sunny Saps, Shred Flinstone, A Judgmental Swarm of Bees, JamForceF!ve, and Sunflower

5:30pm – 11:00pm | @ Prattsville Art Center

Bring your dancing shoes as we get down to: Ruckzuck, Erro, The Babes, Nick McCracken & Daniel Evanko, Saucy Pots, Out of System Transfer, Gem-Tactics, and Pendeja

11:15pm – 1:00am | @ Prattsville Art Center 

The party continues with The Royal Court Drag Show, hosted by Cassanova the King and featuring Ty Her Down, Styles McFlair, Wyatt Knight, and a Tap/Burlesque Show featuring Gin Minsky and Perle Noire!


1:00pm – 8:30pm | @ Prattsville Town Green

Kick back and relax in the sun while we wrap up the weekend with our headliner – Scarlett Sails – at 5pm, and performances by Francesca Shanks, Dee and the Sunny Saps, Shred


Solo exhibitions by Joseph Imhauser and John Jackson in the PAC Galleries

Prints, paintings, live silkscreening, comics, woodburning, crochet, upcycled jewelry, apparal, cat toys, witchy wraps, ceramics, and more crafts from:

Nicholette Manicad, Cici Chichester, Val Wallis, Sam Paradise, Charlie Buggie, Brenda Berger, Claire Chapman, Kate Milo, Rachel Cleary, Tyler Reed, Laura Potter, Sophie Corwin, Hannah Corwin, Casandra Darch, David Lindsay, Gabrielle Alnutt, Erika Klein

Dance workshops, sound baths, yoga, and crafts demos, schedule TBA


The Art Center will provide the community with Mossy Stone Farms’ organic produce and Homer’s incomparable pulled pork and BBQ Friday and Saturday nights courtesy of Jim’s Great American Market. Local food vendors on the Town Green include food trucks and on Sunday Indian cuisine courtesy of Catskill’s awesome Atina Food’s.

The Headed for the Hills Festival is an All Ages event, no alcohol will be served at event venues. We encourage visitors in search of beveragesto patronize the two taverns on Main Street, which offer local color and low prices

Check out these  highlights from Last Year’s show:

Gem Tactics

Setting up on the Town Green in Prattsville

Bringing together urban and rural in Prattsville

Electronic Musicians Suzanne Thorpe and Bonnie Jones on the front Porch at PAC

Evvergreen at PAC

The Babes at PAC

The Babes at PAC

Performance Art at the Festival