Damien Davis

Solo Exhibition opening August 4th 6 – 7

Damien was one of the Prattsville Art Center’s first Artists in Residence in 2012. He has returned over the years to visit and has developed an important career during this time, with exhibitions at MoMA, NY and the Whitney Museum. He will complete a new body of work to be premiered as part of the Headed for the Hills Festival

Damien Davis, Study Sessions @ the Whitney Museum, 2017

Damien Davis, Study Sessions @ the Whitney Museum, 2017

Selected Previous Exhibitions

The Art Center hosts 4 exhibitions a year as well as screenings and public art events. Curated exhibitions bring together works by respected artists and local community members working with PAC Artists in Residence

Re Harvesting:  Paul Aloisi, Marian Cohen, Lily Lasher, Grace Linderholm, Beverly Ohle, Otto Ohle , and Sarah Schecter


At the intersection of rural and urban experience, the interventions of fate, physics, and geometry, are brought to the surface of works that insist on the impossibility of a singular reality. Fragile planes of abstraction hold together the chaotic beauty of decay, and the contradictions of political turmoil even as they collapse

A fully illustrated catalogue for POETICS OF A WALL PROJECTION has been made possible by a generous gift from the Tianaderrah Foundation and is is available in the gallery and online at: http://www.josephimhauser.com/publications
Photographs by Tom Potter and Margaret Uhalde

LOCALLY GROWN – Artwork by Young Artists from the Mountaintop


Katherine Bauer, Jared Handlesman, Elizabeth Hall Dukin, Otto Ohle, and Gerry Wilson, with texts by Susan Sontag selected by her friend Peter Perrone

Katherine Bauer, The Veil, cyanotype and altered 16mm projector

Jared Handelsman, photogram exposed by moonlight with crystalized chemicals

EDNA ARLOWEEN at Incident Report in Hudson

Edna Arloween, from the Statue of Liberty Series

Audience members at AFFAIR,  video installations

Damien Davis, Untitled, ink jet prints
Michelle Petricini, Rebuild Prattsville, from the Art of MudFest


James Woodward from The Art of Mudfest

2015-06-19 21.43.38       2015-06-27 17.55.12

Bethany Ides and Kate Reinke performing at the Art Center