Community Workshops & Classes

The Art Center offers free classes and workshops taught by visiting Artists in Residence, our own staff, and regional artists.  Workshops are offered both at the Center and in partnership locations in the community, such as Community Action of Greene County, Mossy Stone Farms, and the NY State Power Authority.  All of our classes focus on creating a sense of self awareness and confidence, and enabling participants find a voice in which to tell their story.

Our featured class is a free, all-ages painting class with artist-in residence Grace Linderholm. Focused on portraiture and figuring out what our subjects mean to us, the class meets from 2-4 P.M. every Saturday.  Families are welcome! We’re here to paint for ourselves and our world.

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Grace is a recent graduate of New York University, who received a BA with honors in art history, painting, and critical theory. But she’s here to work with YOU! If you’re interested in painting but shy, please contact the art center or reach out to her at in order to set up a meeting for hours outside of class.

Above is a gallery of some of Grace’s work samples made as tutorials for students in 2014. Students will learn to work with their subjects in order to move past replication and into interpretation and abstraction.

An Excerpt of Grace’s Class Syllabus:

Painting glues all parts of you together. THINKING AND ACTION BECOME FORM. The process of making requires action, a constant mediating between desire to see something and  then have that thing be seen. Painting makes you the center. You are the point of origin. You start a process of generating and assessing, and at the end, you are left with an object that has magnitude; painting lets the end of things have significance. When you finish a painting, you will stand apart from all the things you wanted and thought as you made it. You will be separate from yourself.

To read more of the syllabus and look at a selection of Grace’s personal work, click here.


Classes at the Art Center take many forms for all your interests. Take a look!

A building workshop at Mossy Stone Farms with Artist Lilli Biltucchi.


Metropolitan Museum of Art Educator and Artist in Residence Azi Amiri at the PAC
Cassanova Theking leading a workshop on performance


Artist in Residence Otto Ohle teaching digital art


A hands-on community requested project on the work of Paul Klee


Shooting a community soap opera with Artist in Residence Bethany Ides
Artist Edna Arloween begins her Statue of Liberty Series


Work by local Boy Scout earning his art badge


Media Art workshop project combines collage, photoshop, and large scale digital printing


Center Director Nancy Barton with Art Center visitors and students