Spring Exhibitions and Music Schedule

Like Flowers Blooming by Your Existence

Photographs by Tom Potter and Margaret Uhalde

April 22 – May 21

Closing Reception Saturday, May 21st 4 – 7 followed by live music

During his life in New York City, Tom Potter was a gallery owner, artist and musician. After his move to the Catskill Mountains, his graceful black and white photographs came to reflect an intimate observation of woodland details, evoking the resonance of natural and human life cycles. Tom passed away recently, and this exhibition honoring his life and work, pairs his images with those of Maggie Uhalde, a young artist and poet whose image and text pieces share a meditative approach to brief moments of contact and connection suspended within the stillness of reflection.

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Edna Arloween at Incident Report

Artist Edna Arloween with the ever charming Homer Snyder at Incident Report Gallery in Hudson, NY, where she showed her series of Statue of Liberty project through May 15th. The paintings show the Statue as having a wide range of ethnic backgrounds, including one from outer space, who is making the international symbol for love in American Sign Language. The blue figure represents Traumatic Brain Injury, whose advocacy organization uses blue as it’s signature color. The project was initiated at the Prattsville Art Center.

Incident Report Gallery is a public art project by artists Nancy Shaver and Max Goldfarb http://www.incidentreport.info/