Free Digital Art Class Schedule – July 2016

Digital  Dialogues                                                                                                       

Workshops in Video, Photography, and Design at the Art Center July & August


Saturday July 2 – Multimedia Workshop: 2-5

Come to the Prattsville Art Center and share your photos, videos, or any other kind of work you produce and learn about our Digital Media Workshops. See our studio space, tools and equipment, class materials, and the things you can learn to do.

Tuesday July 5 – Using Digital Cameras: 2-5     

Learn how to use Digital Cameras to make different styles of photographs. We will look at pictures, take them, and work on edit and export. Exercises in editing colors, and also taking apart images for collages.


Thursday July 7 – Video Editing Workshop:  2-5  

Bring in your own footage, or borrow some of ours and learn to sequence video and audio clips.

Saturday July 9 – Digital Collage: 1-5

Use cameras, scanners, and drawings to sculpt digital images. Bring in our own images, drawings, and things to scan, and we will collage and print in our Workshop Studio.

 Saturday July 9 – Video Art Screenings: 8PM 

 An evening of works in progress in digital video, sound, and photography

 Sunday July 24 – Mini-Music Festival: 4 – 9PM

Music by Evvergreen,  Fruity,  Techne, and Friends on the Prattsville Town Green


Digital Dialogues is funded by  a Barnabas McHenry Hudson River Valley Award to Otto Ohle by

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A Letter from Artist in Residence, and Digital Art Teacher Otto Ohle

Hello everyone!

This is Otto, I am a young artist who grew up in Greene County and became interested in media arts. For the last few years, I have been making my own documentaries, working at design and web companies in New York, and attending SUNY Purchase in a Digital Media program. I am excited to meet and work with young artists from this region this summer in a series of free classes at the Prattsville Art Center.

During July and August, I am going to host a series of free Digital Media classes titled “Digital Dialogue.” Focusing on Photography, Video, Collage, and Website Creation, each class will offer new skills and ideas in the tools and software used to both create and integrate these digital media. We are planning an exhibition and a local video festival at the end of the summer to show the work we create together.

In our culture we cannot help but read and interpret visual language on a daily basis – we are constantly looking at advertisements, posters, screens, photographs, video, and other design elements. The Art Center classes will examine contemporary internet trends and how they influence pre-existing media forms through studio classes, while also sharing conversations about our own outlook and opinions on what it means to “live” on the Internet.

In my own work I make photographs, videos, websites, documentaries, music, and animations to create conversations on our culture and our relationship to technology. I have experience working in both professional creative settings. Through these classes, I will introduce tools, both physical and digital and we will create projects that allow you to use your own your own voice and experience.

Please stay tuned for a complete schedule and list of classes, and a webpage dedicated to this series of insightful lessons within the next week.

Very Best

Otto Ohle

Coming in August –Advanced Workshops, Performances & Film Festivals

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